Promote partnership among NGOs

・Coordinate meetings and cooperation among NGOs.
・Cooperate with regional and thematic network NGOs in Japan.
・Cooperate with international NGOs, such as FORUS, ADA, ADN, CIVICUS Bond and InterAction.

Research and Advocacy

・Serve as the focal point and secretariat for formal meetings between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MoFA) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
・Research and advocate on global issues, such as promotion of SDGs, especially Goal 16 (Peace, justice and strong institutions) and Goal 17 (Partnerships for the goals), Enabling Environment of CSOs and Disaster Risk Reduction.
・Coordinate Japanese NGOs for global arena such as UN General Assembly, G7 and G20 Summits.

Strengthen Capacity and Social Responsibility of NGOs

・Provide capacity building opportunities for NGO staff by offering training programs.
・To activate NGOs activities
 Promote the group activities which plural number of NGO gather spontaneously and shared information  and study to remove the problem factors that NGOs feel important issue. ⇒JANIC working group system
 Build the  shared workspace and establish the “Incubation center” in JANIC office.
・Improved reliability of NGOs
 Cooperate with ‟Quality and Accountability Network Japan(JQAN)” to disseminate World Standard.
 Cooperate with ‟Japan NGO Initiative for Safety and Security(JaNISS)” to improve the capacity of security management and make advocacy activities.

Promote Support and Citizen Participation

・Organize “Global Festa JAPAN”, the largest annual event on international cooperation held in Tokyo, together with MoFA and JICA.
・Have booths in various events related to international cooperation.
・Hold lectures on international cooperation and NGOs.
・Publish “Synergy”, an online magazine related to latest NGO activities and recent trends.
・Update “NGO Directory” (a web service that provide various information on NGOs).

Encourage dialogues between NGOs and other sectors

・JANIC collaborates with other social institutions which are concerned with international assistance (or international common causes).
・It includes international centers (or sections) of local governments, enterprises, and labor unions.
・JANIC provides them with necessary information and advice concerning international voluntary activities at the grassroots level.
・JANIC has served as the secretariat for both the NGOs-Labor Unions International Collaboration Forum since 2004 and the Partnership Promotion Network between NGOs & Business since 2008.