• Vision

    Our goal is to achieve a global society where people are liberated from hunger, poverty and violation of human rights, where people live in harmony with nature, where people are assured of equal and fair opportunities for participation in deciding directions for their society, and where people mutually respect diverse cultures and values, while living together.


    • To promote networking and collaborative activities among citizens’ organizations (NGOs) engaged in international cooperation.
    • To facilitate collective action by its members and wider Japanese civil society to influence the policies and practice of governments and institutions at domestic and international levels.
    • To strengthen the institutional capability of NGOs in carrying out their missions.
    • To disseminate information and knowledge concerning people’s living conditions in developing regions of the world and the impact of the public’s way of life on these people.
    • To enlighten the general public on the role of NGOs and encourage them to participate in NGO activities in any form.


    This charter will outline the common philosophy, values and guidelines shared by all involved entities of JANIC. 

    We are a diverse group, and therefore the approaches to problem solving will differ by each entity. 

    The below 8 clauses are what each entity follows in their day to day activities for better enhancement and solving issues that we globally face.

    • 1.Respect for Human Rights and Realization of Social Justice
      We pledge to respect human rights of people in the countries and regions, that are based on human rights norms formulated by the International Human Rights Standards through constant efforts of humanity. In order to further support in making human rights norms more universal, we address society by taking nonmilitary and nonviolent measures. In addition, we advocate for realizing social justice in order to remove inequality and injustice that still exist in our society.
    • 2. Sustainable and Inclusive Society
      We recognize that the social structure affected by economic growth has led to various issues including climate crisis, environmental degradation, poverty, disparity, and social division. We aim to create a sustainable, inclusive, and peaceful society where all people on this planet can live in safety, with maximum respect for the global environment and diversity.
    • 3. Equal and Fair Partnership and Respect for Independence
      We will build equal and transparent relationships based on mutual respect with the most vulnerable people, civil society organizations and other actors who share our goals and values, both nationally and internationally. We will also respect the traditions and culture of local communities and empower them to take the initiative in solving problems and making decisions that affect their lives.
    • 4. Responsibility and Awareness as the Civil Society Organizations
      We, as an organization in which citizens act spontaneously and proactively, aim to solve various social issues, and actively work to change environment such as social institutions and people’s awareness. We promote the participation of as many citizens as possible in the organization’s activities and create environment that fosters citizens who act to create a just and sustainable society. In order to sustain and expand such activities, we will work on protecting civic space that is currently shrinking.
    • 5. Governance and Transparency
      We will build an organizational structure that is fair and socially responsible and ensure transparency in decision-making processes and accounting. We will proactively carry out evaluation activities to confirm the impact of our activities and the appropriateness of our organizational management and publish the results. We will also take every conceivable measure to eliminate any relationship with anti-social groups such as organized crime groups.
    • 6. Safeguarding and Prevention from harassment
      We will take systematic steps to prevent any sexual exploitation, abuse, violence, and harassment to all people, and take appropriate actions including through the development of safeguarding policies and training of staff and partners.
    • 7. Ethical Fund-raising and its Management
      We will manage funds, including public funds and donations, in a strict manner, and clearly state the purpose and use of our activities in order to make effective use of these funds, and invest them accordingly. We will respect the dignity and privacy of our project recipients and raise funds in accordance with our ethical standards.
    • 8. Respect for human resourcestion, abuse, violence, and harassment to In order to achieve the aforementioned sustainable society and to fulfill our responsibilities as a civil society organization, it is important that our staff working in our organization have confidence and dignity. We will actively work to create a decent working condition and to enhance capabilities of human resources.

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