• Vision

    Our goal is to achieve a global society where people are liberated from hunger, poverty and violation of human rights, where people live in harmony with nature, where people are assured of equal and fair opportunities for participation in deciding directions for their society, and where people mutually respect diverse cultures and values, while living together.


    • To promote networking and collaborative activities among citizens’ organizations (NGOs) engaged in international cooperation.
    • To facilitate collective action by its members and wider Japanese civil society to influence the policies and practice of governments and institutions at domestic and international levels.
    • To strengthen the institutional capability of NGOs in carrying out their missions.
    • To disseminate information and knowledge concerning people’s living conditions in developing regions of the world and the impact of the public’s way of life on these people.
    • To enlighten the general public on the role of NGOs and encourage them to participate in NGO activities in any form.

    Code of Conduct for NGOs

    We live in a global society with growing interdependence which is confronted with poverty, hunger, refugees, overconsumption, environmental disruption, violation of human rights, gender discrimination, and a plethora of other concerns. We are a civil organization (NGO) engaged in international development, initiated and supported by participation of the citizens, and have been tackling those cross-border issues in a global perspective from non-governmental and non-profit standpoints. We, as member NGOs of JANIC, declare that we subscribe to and operate according to the Code below, which is based on mutual cooperation to meet the rising expectations towards NGOs on global and national platforms and to fulfill our social responsibilities and roles.

    • 1.Promotion of self-sustainability
      We promote self-sustainability of people in developing nations and those who are socially vulnerable by bringing out their own potentials and reducing dependency.
    • 2. Equal partnership
      Founded upon equal partnerships with people and NGOs in developing nations, we mutually honor each other’s values and culture and freely exchange opinions and information.
    • 3. Global citizen learning
      We acknowledge that we are partly responsible for the issues confronted by developing nations and promote learning as global citizens to further deepen our understanding of the North-South issue and other global issues and review our own ways of life and awareness.
    • 4. Policy recommendation
      We implement constructive policy recommendations to governments, local governments,private enterprises, and the society at large towards realization of sustainable society where human dignity is promised.
    • 5. Open organizational operation
      We seek participation from citizens at large and implement organizational operation in a democratic way, at the same time, information regarding our causes, aims, activities, and their outcomes are disclosed.
    • 6. Impartial resource management
      We manage, effectively utilize, and account for donations originating from citizens’ benevolence and public funds with impartiality.

    Members of JANIC support the Code of Conduct for NGOs.