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JANIC (Japan NGO Network for International Cooperation) is committed to research and advocacy to resolve global issues such as poverty, environment, human rights and peace, and to improve the ODA of the Japanese Government. To create a sustainable society, NGOs need to cooperate with each other and tackle these issues from a different stance with the Japanese government and international organizations. JANIC works toward a sustainable society by advocating based on the knowledge NGOs have accumulated and the research NGOs have conducted.

1. Our Research and Advocacy Activities to Create a “Sustainable Society”

(1) ODA Aid Effectiveness and CSO Effectiveness

Implementing high quality and effective aid is urgently required to realize the Millennium Development Goals. Since the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (2008), JANIC has been actively engaged in advocacy activities on the issues of ODA aid effectiveness and promoting the domestic discussions on CSO development effectiveness. As a networking NGO in Japan, JANIC is working closely with the related international initiatives, such as Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness and Better Aid.
Below is the list of our recent efforts related to aid/development effectiveness issues.


 Participated in the Accra Civil Society Parallel Conference and Accra HLF3


 Gave an interview and issued a position paper for OECD/DAC peer review report
 * JANIC Position Paper on OECD/DAC Peer Review 2009 / 2010 (PDF)


 Participated in the first Open Forum Global Assembly


 Held the First National Consultation on CSO Development Effectiveness
 Held the International Symposium (Multi-stakeholder dialogue)
 * Click here for the national consultation report (PDF)


 Published issue paper on aid / development effectiveness
 * Click here for the full text in English (PDF)


 Participated in the second Open Forum Global Assembly


 Held the Second National Consultation on CSO Development Effectiveness


 Held the Open Symposium on ODA Aid Effectiveness toward Busan HLF4
 (Co-hosted with Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


 Participated in Busan Global Civil Society Forum and Busan HLF4


 Held the Open Symposium on ODA Aid Effectiveness
 (Debriefing session of Busan HLF)
 Held the Third National Consultation on CSO Development Effectiveness


 Published issue paper No.2
 * Click here for a summary in English (PDF)

In addition, JANIC was engaged in the regular meeting with Mofa toward Busan HLF4 as a coordinator (held 6 meetings from March 2010 to December 2011 in total). We will continue our dialogue with Mofa to follow up the remained issues of Busan HLF.

※ Click here for the list of our position papers (most of them are only available in Japanese)

(2) Advocacy and Campaigning for the realization of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

JANIC has been working to advocate and raise public awareness towards the achievement of MDGs in Japan through the following two campaigns.

・"Japan Action to End Poverty - MDGs2015 Campaign" (~ March 2012)
- A joint initiative of the government, UN bodies, corporations, labor unions, NGOs, citizens to raise public awareness towards MDGs.

・“STAND UP TAKE ACTION” by Ugoku/Ugokasu (GCAP Japan)
- JANIC cooperates with the campaign as a member of Ugoku/Ugokasu (GCAP Japan)

(3) Japan CSO Network on IMF & World Bank Annual Meetings

In October 2012, Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group will take place in Tokyo. In order to share information, support CSOs advocacy, and promote dialogue among Japanese CSOs as well as overseas CSOs and other sectors, some Japanese CSOs have formed a network for the coming Annual Meetings. As one of the founding members, JANIC has been working on the coordination of the network.

※Click here for the details of the CSO network

(4) Advocacy Activities toward Rio +20

As a member of the Japan National Preparatory Committee for Rio +20, JANIC had been involved in the process of drafting the “Statement of Japanese Stakeholders for the Promotion of Sustainable Development” (Full text in English) together with various stakeholders from different fields. Moreover, JANIC is a member of “RIO+20 Earth Summit NGO Liaison” which the domestic network among Japanese CSOs.

(5) Networking with other NGOs

When G8 summit was held in Japan in 2008, JANIC worked as the secretariat of the “2008 Japan G8 Summit NGO Forum” consisted of 141 Japanese NGOs, and played a key role in facilitating and implementing joint advocacy activities among NGOs from different backgrounds. Currently, JANIC is engaged in activities related to MDGs such as STAND UP TAKE ACTION based on the G8 experience. Moreover, we are working closely with international networks such as Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness, Better Aid, and CIVICUS.

2. Dialogue with the Japanese Government

JANIC serves as the focal point and secretariat for the formal meeting between the MoFA and JICA and organizes recurring meetings - “NGO-MoFA regular meeting” and “NGO-JICA meeting”. By creating opportunities for NGOs to advocate for their projects, we promote the cooperation between NGOs and governmental organizations.

3. Other JANIC research and advocacy projects

JANIC has been committed to various research and advocacy related to international cooperation since its establishment in 1988.
By compiling the information of Japanese NGOs working for international cooperation, we provide “NGO directory”, an online search service.
(* Click here for a brief overview of NGO directory in English.)
Moreover we publish “NGO Data Book” that provides a wide range of statistical data on Japanese NGOs.

Below is the list of some of the areas/issues that JANIC has been involved recently.
・ODA Aid Effectiveness and CSO Aid Effectiveness
・Millennium Development Goals and Post MDGs
・Betterment of the government funding schemes for CSOs.
・Sustainable Development
・Issues of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Crisis

4. List of our Position Papers and Reports available in English

Japanese ODA
- Emergency Statement "JANIC urges Japan's government to maintain ODA budget"
(April 2011, PDF:69,7KB)
- JANIC Position Paper on OECD/DAC Peer Review Report in 2010
(November 2010, PDF:35KB)
- Position Statement of JANIC in line with DAC Peer Review Content Guide
(October 2010, PDF:41KB)

Aid/Development Effectiveness
- The Road to Busan, The Road from Busan Aid and Development Effectiveness & NGOs (March 2012, PDF:301KB)
- Delivering aid transparency at the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, Busan, 29 Nov - 1 Dec 2011 (August 2011, PDF:1,898KB)
- Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness :Report on the National Consultation in Japan (May 2011, PDF:200KB)
- NGOs and Development Effectiveness in Japan Strengthening Advocacy, Accountability and NGO Support (May 2010, PDF:301KB)

- Resilience in the Post 2015 Development Framework - (Dec 2013, PDF:258KB)
- Joint Message to G20's Five Asian Members: Stop Corruption & Inequality, Ensure Accountability & Participation - (June 2013, PDF:251KB)
- Statement on the Post-MDGs framework - Before the Second Meeting of High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda -(October 2012, PDF:145KB)
- JANIC's Position Statement for Rio+20 (June 2012, PDF:144KB)
- JANIC's Position Statement on the Issues of Nuclear Power Plants and Sustainable Societies (August 2011, PDF:20KB)
- JANIC statement on the difficulties of CCIC (August 2010, PDF:69KB)
- Bangkok Civil Society Declaration on Development Justice_24.08.13 (August 2013, PDF:402KB)
- JANIC Statement on the Post-MDGs Framework For the 68th UN General Assembly and High-level event on MDGs and post-2015 agenda (September 2013, PDF:220KB)

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