NEWS 2022.05.12

Data Book on NGOs in Japan 2021: NGOs in Figures (summarized version)

JANIC published a research book, Data Book on NGOs in Japan 2021: NGOs in Figures, which can unveil a complete picture of Japan’s NGOs’ activities and their operations. This book has been revised for the first time in five years since 2016.

How do Japan’s NGOs operate in both fields, international and domestic? Which areas and genres do they focus on particularly when operating internationally and domestically? Are there any strong points on their international cooperation on the ground? How about the budget and its organizational structure? And more importantly how have they been responding to issues, including NGOs in Japan, since the outbreak of Covid-19?

Those questions are necessary and essential ones to deeply understand NGOs in Japan. This book provides the readers an analysis and an interpretation on the results of a questionnaire survey. The survey includes organizational structures, field activities, partnerships with other organizations and others. It is consisted of 96 questions, and collected from 216 organizations out of 424 as valid responses, meaning approximately 51% of the total. This figure is about double the number in the previous edition in 2016.

We received a consignment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan under “Development Assistance Research in Fiscal Year 2021 Research on the Situation of NGOs in Japan (Data Book on NGOs in Japan 2021)”. At the last but foremost, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who cooperated in this survey.


Access to the Documents 

・English Summarized  Version: Data Book on NGOs in Japan 2021: NGOs in Figures
・Japanese Full Version: Accessible from here.  

Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC) (Dr. Kazuhiro Tsunoda)