EVENT 2021.07.09

HIGH-LEVEL POLITICAL FORUM 2021 Side Event: "A Comprehensive Framework on Appropriate Technology Choice for Sustainable Development- An Overall Perspective of Technology in Post-Pandemic Society"

Today, people and organisations across various sectors, in both developed and developing countries, are committed to achieving SDGs.

However, despite having goals to work towards, it is still unclear what kind of economic systems, social systems and technologies should be developed and applied to achieve these targets. From a technological viewpoint, recent discussions and movements regarding Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) have been quite narrowly focused on digital technologies, while other dimensions and fields of technologies are rarely considered. Furthermore, stereotyped views of R&D of technologies are still prevailing: that nothing is more important than R&D of advanced new technologies to increase productivity and create new products/services, which bring about further profit and economic growth. The current trend of technology choice and technology development must be changed drastically and fundamentally to one focusing on people’s welfare and the environment to achieve SDGs.

In this event, in order to tackle these problems, “A Comprehensive Framework on Appropriate Technology Choice for Sustainable Development” will be presented, which innovates on the concept of Appropriate Technology. The Framework consists of 10 guiding principles and is designed to be applied in both developing and developed countries. If technologies are chosen based on this framework, we believe that the majority of SDGs can be attained. In the context of a post-pandemic society, decentralized socio-economic and technological systems proposed by the framework can enhance security of our society against various risks, including future pandemics and natural disasters.


DATE Monday, 12th July, 2021, 7:30-9:00 AM
(New York Time, UTC-4) (20:30-22:00 JST)
System Online
Registration https://atfj.jp/comprehensiveframework/registrationform/

-Nao Tanaka Ph.D (Executive Director, Asian People’s Exchange)

-Aoi Horiuchi (Senior Advocacy Officer, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation)

-Hayati Sari Hasibuan Ph.D (Head of Master Program in Environmental Science, Universitas Indonesia)

-Elenita Daño (Asia Director, Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC Group)

-Rebecca Malay (Director for Advocacy & Development Cooperation, Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement, the Chair of GCAP Global Foundation)

-Masaki Inaba (Global Health Director, Africa Japan Forum)


Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC, Main Organizer) Asian People’s Exchange (APEX)
School of Environmental Science Programme
Universitas Indonesia
Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement(PRRM)

(This seminar is supported by the Japan Fund for Global Environment of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency.)


・The details are as follows.
APEX website
URL: http://www.apex-ngo.org/en/comprehensiveframework_en2.html

Event Flyer is here.

Contact APEX: tokyo-office@apex-ngo.org

About the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC):

JANIC is a network of civil society organizations (CSOs) promoting to solve global issues. We unite and support over 100 organizations to help eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice by maximizing strengths of our members. Established in 1987 by leaders of Japanese NGOs, JANIC has provided multiple capacity building trainings to Japanese NGOs, promoted partnerships with private sectors, labor unions and local governments, as well as advocating to the government and international organization on key development issues such as SDGs, human rights-based approaches, development effectiveness, disaster risk reduction, and safety and security of NGOs. JANIC is a steering committee of Asia Development Alliance (ADA) and a member organization of Forus, CIVICUS, CPDE, and A4SD.