NEWS 2020.08.28

JANIC received the 10th Okinawa Peace Prize

JANIC was awarded the 10th Okinawa Peace Prize in recognition of our years of work to support Japanese CSOs that address global issues such as poverty, environmental challenges.

After 33 years since JANIC was established, we boast a membership of over 150  CSOs and they work in more than 90 countries/areas in the world. We believe this prize valued continuous work of these CSOs as peacebuilders. We are truly honored to be selected as a laureate in the year of 75th anniversary commemorating the end of World War Ⅱ. It is our privilege that people in Okinawa, who have been handing down their own war experience for the future peace, acknowledged our work.

Tremendous impact of COVID-19 in different parts of the world made us aware that we are all interconnected and living on the same planet. We are living in the era where differences in nationality, ethnicity, religion and skin color stand out as symbols of  “division” among us. In order to transform this “division” into “solidarity”,  we believe the power of civil society is absolutely essential. Our mission is to empower the citizens who aspire to create a world of peace and harmony. We continue to follow our path until we achieve global peace.

JANIC Board members and Staff