NEWS 2019.12.06

NANCiS - Emergent Statement on the Situation in Hong Kong 

Japan NGO Action Network for Civic Space (NANCiS), a network of CSOs working together to secure civic space, released an emergent statement on the situation in Hong Kong. Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC) is a member organization of NANCiS.

Please find the full statement below.


We, Japan NGO Action Network for Civic Space (NANCiS), consisting of seven network NGOs in the field of international cooperation, express sincere solidarity with those who are now struggling for freedom and civil rights on the streets, at universities, and in various places of Hong Kong. We strongly protest the violence, oppression, detention, and incursion into universities and churches by Hong Kong police, and urge them to stop these actions immediately.

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Hong Kong Police should ensure the safety and security of “civic space,” a social space for freedom of speech, expression and activities of civil society, so that the people can make political statements and activities peacefully. Also, they should listen sincerely to the voices of concern in Hong Kong’s future, and strive to realize a peaceful and democratic dialogue with the people. In addition, the government of the People’s Republic of China should respect the democratic political system and culture that the people of Hong Kong have established, trust its ability to solve problems, and refrain from intervening in its autonomy.

We, NANCiS, will continue to pay close attention to the people of Hong Kong, keep an eye on the situation, and conduct necessary communication and activities in cooperation with civil society around the world.


You can also find the full statement at NANCiS’ website.

Contact : Japan NGO Action Network for Civic Space (NANCiS)