NEWS 2018.01.26

Emergency Appeal : Strong Protest towards the Assault on NGO in Afghanistan

JANIC, the largest network of NGOs in Japan, expresses its deepest condolences ver the death of staff of Save the Children Afghanistan Office who were killed in the assault took place at its office in Jalalabad on 24 January 2018. We also pray for a swift recovery of those injured in the incidence.

We condemn this attack and strongly feel such brutal action should not be tolerated. The International NGO has been working in Afghanistan since 1976 in the field of emergency and humanitarian response, education, as well as health and nutrition. Nobody could be allowed to attack those staffs who are committed to improving the lives and well-being of children and to protection of children’s rights.

Save the Children’s operations in Afghanistan has been temporarily suspended as of today.

Around the globe, the oppression and attack on civil society organizations and activists who are working in international and social development and with the protection of human rights has deepened and accelerated in recent years. The space for civil society to function effectively has been shrinking. We aim to realize the environment in which everyone including children is provided with opportunities to grow with appropriate and quality education, and the society where people can choose their desired way of life freely with protection of their human rights and dignity.

JANIC strongly advocates for the importance of healthy and free space of civil society where every citizen and civil society organizations can be active without any restrictions. We reaffirm our commitment to make our best effort on cooperation to those people who are in need of any kind of assistance in the world, while continuing to be vocal against the clampdown and the assault on civil society organizations and individuals– the acts that pressure civil society.

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