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details of activities 【NGO Relief Fund for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami】

1. Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA)
[Project areas]
The southern coast of Miyagi Prefecture, and the northern coast of Fukushima Prefecture.
[Beneficiaries]Victims of the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami.
[Summary of our projects]
It has been half a year since the disaster occurred. We are continuously supporting for the households in Miyagi Prefecture whose house was detected as half destroyed and the countermeasure against the problem of Fukushima nuclear problem in Fukushima Prefecture.
 The fishermen's cooperative in Souma city and Futaba Town has not been able to start their business yet. It is difficult to start it out because there is no guarantee for them if consumer would purchase their products from Fukushima Prefecture. At this moment when many people started to regain the ordinary life, producing employment in the affected areas is urgent issue. As it is shown, there has been already some requests about financial support in order for the victims to restart business which has been closed down due to the disaster. Thus, your support is continuously needed. The media is reducing the number of news to convey regarding the reconstruction of the earthquake rather shifting to other timely news, however affected areas and people there are still greatly suffering from the aftermath.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL:http://www.icajapan.org

2. The Japan Asian Association & Asian Friendship Society (JAFS)
[Project areas] Utatsu District, Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] 1800 people living in temporary housings and evacuation centers of 12 areas, in Utatsu District, Minamisanriku Town. 
[Summary of our projects]
1. Distribution of necessary goods
JAFS is visiting temporary housings and evacuation centers in Utatsu District in order to conduct needs assessments to support lives of survivors.
In addition, organization was highly recognized by implementing its project which was distributing seasonings, plastic bucket, consumable goods as a starter kit that were needed for survivors when they moved to temporary housings.
2.Publication of Sakura Tsushin
JAF has published free papers for survivors living in Minamisanriku Town in order for them to gain information regarding various topics such as how to live more comfortably in temporary housings and reopening shops.
3. Miso project
"Making Miso project" was requested by survivors, and JAF provided ingredients such as rice and beans. This project mainly supported for women in order for them to acquire the skills of making Miso. The people in the community consume 50 kg of Miso per year, and most of the families make their own Miso. The Making Miso project has implemented for 4 days and participants made 900 kg of Miso and brought home. This project provided not only the skills of making Miso but also opportunities to promote friendships of participants which were highly appreciated.
4. Reconstruct project of local shops
JAF purchased goods of "starter kit" through local store called Irimae Shoutenkai, and distributed to 660 families. Many of local owners lost their shops due to massive earthquake and Tsunami.
JAF is going to establish storage for local business owners in order for them to reopen their business.
5. Storage project
JAF prepared storage for survivors to keep their carpenter's tools and daily commodities in common are of temporary housings for survivors to use freely. 
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.jafs.or.jp/news/touhoku-jishin-2011.html


[Project areas]
ICAN is supporting victims in each of the evacuation centers located in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.
[Beneficiaries] Children and their parents living in evacuation centers.
[Summary of our projects]
 ICAN provides foods for the families and school supplies for children. Families are forced to live in evacuation centers due to earthquake and tsunami.
 Also, ICAN addresses psychological effects through organizing movie events especially for children living in evacuation centers.  Beginning April,
 ICAN has been collecting relief goods which will be distributed in mid April to the victims of the affected areas.  Thus, we are still accepting your donation.  
 ICAN is an NGO located in midland of Japan.  It seeks the cooperation of and corporations, organization and educational institutions in central Japan to conduct activities that victims need in Tohoku region. ICAN is providing accurate information that our staff members obtained from the ground to share with our partners working with us.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.ican.or.jp/

4. ADRA Japan
[Project areas]
Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City, Higashi-Matsushima City, Yamamoto Town, Watari County in Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima prefecture.
[Beneficiaries]Elderly people in nursing homes in Sendai City and Higashi-Matsushima City in Miyagi Prefecture. Yamamoto Town hall, staff members of social Welfare Council, residents in Yamamoto Town, and those who live in temporary housing in Higashi-Matsushima city, Yamamoto Town and Watati County.
[Summary of our projects]
 ADRA started working in affected areas on March 12th which was the day following the earthquake and tsunami. We started to support and organize evacuation centers in Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City. This support ended beginning of April due to reduced numbers of evacuation centers because the infrastructure (e.g. water, electricity, etc.) in Sendai City had gradually recovered. Aside from these, we also provided aid to elderly people's houses. 
 From April 6 on, our areas of focus have been moved to Yamamoto Town, and ADRA provide three meals a day for staff members of Yamamoto Town hall and the Social Welfare Council. This support has come to and end on the 31st July, and the total number of soup kitchens that we provided reached 12,400 meals for 4 months. Currently we are cooperating with Yamamoto Town hall and the Social Welfare Council in order to conduct some events such as sending volunteers to hot spring program and providing shaved ice (with syrups) to the victims. Besides, we are also providing basic commodities (kitchen utensils, bedclothing and cooking devices) to temporary houses in Yamamoto Town, Watari Town, Higashi-Matsushima City and Fukushima Prefecture.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL:http://blog.canpan.info/adrajapan/category_28/

5. The Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA)
[Project areas]
Ohtsuchi Town, Shimohei, Iwate Prefecture.Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture
[Beneficiaries]Victims of Ohtsuchi Town, Shimohei, Iwate Prefecture and Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture
[Summary of our projects]
 AMDA has been providing medical relief since March 12th, 2011 in Minamisanriku Town, Kamaishi, Ohtsuchi Town (Iwate Prefecture). Victims in those areas often told us that they feel relieved when they see AMDA Jackets (usually staff members of AMDA wear blue jackets with name of the organization).
 AMDA has shifted its activity from emergency medical support to reconstruction support sending doctors, nurses, medical students and nursing students since April 20th 2011. In addition AMDA decided to continue its medical activity through acupuncture therapy. AMDA is going to engage in establishing Healthcare Center and supporting existing medical facilities.
 And also, AMDA has established the scholarship for the survivors of great earthquake and tsunami which aims to support educational assistance for bearers of the future. We have 6 target schools at this moment. Moreover, AMDA has conducted a friendship exchange program through sports for young survivors in the summer, 2011.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://amda.or.jp/


6. The Action against Child Exploitation (ACE)
[Project areas] Yamamoto town of Watari district in Miyagi prefecture, Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture
・2500`s Children and Elderly people who live in the temporary housings in Yamamoto town
・65`s junior high school students and high school students in Sendai city
・The people in Yamamoto town affected by the earthquake  
[Summary of our projects]
・Supporting people living in the temporary housing since June
-The staffs of our NGO attempt to make the plan to enjoy the affected people there for taking the stress out. Until now, they hold the festival called "kakigori festival" the every last weekend for 2 month, made the playground for the children and so on.
・Remaking the community through the activity by young people
-We take the action research to make the safe and strong community along with young people living in Yamamoto town.
・Supporting the education and livelihood of the children in Sendai city of Miyagi prefecture
-We propose the goods for the education of the affected children and try to remake the system of the school in cooperation with the teachers in Sendai city.
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://acejapan.org/modules/earthquake/index.html
7. The Organization for Industrial Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International (OISCA)

[Project areas] Northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture, and affected areas in Miyagi Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Victims in affected areas (including Filipinos and foreigners of Japanese descent)
[Summary of our projects]
 OISCA is providing emergency relief goods (blankets, protection against the cold, candles, underwear, papers, diapers, water, instant noodles, medicine, nutritional supplements) to victims in affected areas. We implement a project to focus on psychological support for children through wooden building blocks that we created as educational tools to develop environment and emotional education.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.oisca.org/news/

8. Caring for Young Refugees (CYR)
[Project areas] Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures
[Beneficiaries] Young children, their mothers and staff members of nurseries
[Summary of our projects]
・Offering Childcare services activity without building.
- CYR is providing childcare services in plastic tents or in evacuation centers in 30 project areas.
- CYR is offering opportunities to work with our projects for those who worked in childcare and also for mothers in affected areas to be paid in order to support their livelihoods.
- CYR is implementing all of its projects by cooperating with organizations in affected areas, other NGOs and those who have been supporting post disaster recovery process.
・Providing Child care kits
- CYR has provided Child care kits which include picture books, paper clay doll and cake which are selected by Specialists of childcare and psychology for child survivors in affected areas. 
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.cyr.or.jp/cyrblogs/index_000239.html

9. Oxfam Japan
[Project areas] Morioka City (Iwate Prefecture), Sendai City, Tagajou City, Shiogama City (Miyagi Prefecture), Koriyama City, Aizu Wakamatsu City, Fukushima City (Fukushima Prefecture), Hitachi City (Ibaraki Prefecture), and other areas where victims are evacuated.
[Beneficiaries] Marginalized groups which include women (e.g. pregnant women), and migrants who cannot speak Japanese
[Summary of our projects]
Oxfam has supported earthquake and tsunami survivors especially for small children and their mothers, single mothers, people who have immigrated to Japan, people who face the domestic violence and sexual violence. Oxfam has implemented various projects for survivors as follows.
・Providing emergency goods
-Oxfam has provided sanitary goods for children and women, radio, and cash as needed basis.
・Providing information, counseling, supports to make self-help groups
-Through telephone counseling and group counseling, Oxfam provides information and psychological supports for female survivors in order for them to access government social security program. In addition, Oxfam stuffs accompany and assist with them to do procedures if they need. Moreover, Oxfam assists survivors in order to establish self-help groups.
-Oxfam will suggest government and municipality to incorporate the needs of survivors especially for women in reconstruction policy.
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://oxfam.jp/

10. Good Neighbors JAPAN
[Project areas]
Kamaishi City, Otsuchi Town, Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture.
[Beneficiaries] Adults and children
[Summary of our projects]
Since 14 March, we started emergency support and currently 8 staffs are working in Iwate Prefecture.
・Children Support Project
-We are visiting kindergartens and nursery schools in order to deliver commodities, to clean mud, to construct prefabricated kindergartens as well as to mental health care by psychotherapists some times within May to July, and in December. This activity will be done several times. In addition to that, we provide a recreation activity using a yurt (Mongolian tent) presented by Mongolia.
・Shower Booth Project
-We are installing and running 20 temporary shower booths in shelters and volunteer centers in Kamaishi City, Otsuchi Town and Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture (along with the closure of shelters, some amount of the shower booths were granted to the shelters).
・Volunteer Cleaning Project
-We are organizing volunteer teams consisted of 200 members to clean mud from houses in damaged areas, to remove furniture and household goods for 6 days from April to early May (Golden Week). Approximately 40 members will be dispatched incorporated with enterprises in end of May. From end of June for four weeks, approximately 150 of volunteers will be sent to clean rivers for a project called "salmons' hometown, reproduction of Otsuji" in order for them to come back to the river.
・Reconstruction Event Project
-We projected and conducted three events called "Mothers and Children's Flea Market (in May)",  "Let's do Otsuchi reconstruction festival (in June)" and "café kissANA" (in September).
The first one is in response to a wish of the victims that are willing to construct a normal life in which they can choose what they want from the current life that they are given commodities. The second one is in response to the local people who want to cheer themselves up. The theird one is a café project called "kissANA" which aims to make a bond between victims in shelters.
・Reproduction of fishery industry project
-To promote reproduction of fishery industry which has been key industries in OtsuchiTown. Good neighbors Japan will support fisheries Cooperative Association of Otsuchi by providing equipments such as forklifts.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL : http://www.gnjp.org/index_reports.html


11. CARE International Japan
[Project areas]Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town, Miyakoshi, and Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Victims who are in above areas (a total of 18,500)
[Summary of our projects]
 We had done soup-run in which we provided approximately 37,200 of warm and balanced meals right after the disaster as well as cooking ingredients for those who stayed in their own house in Miyako City. Along with this, we distributed 2,500 sets of kitchen utensils, sanitary stuffs, towels, shampoo, mattresses, sheets and so forth. In addition to them, we support community events which contributes to local society to reborn and to share local information such as cherry blossom viewing parties and events for children. Moreover, community newspaper in which there are information for evacuees was published by the evacuees, and then 1,200 of them were distributed in the shelters in Yamada Town. 
 From now on, we will support to rebuild a tie in the local society focusing on children and elders through holding events for victims. Aside from that, through supporting to aid basic commodities to rebuild lives such as distributing gift voucher which victims can use in their local society or providing ship and electric generator to fisheries high school, our activity aims to regain daily lives and dignity of those who have been put in vulnerability.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL : http://www.careintjp.org/
12. Foundation for International Development/Relief (FIDR)

[Project areas] Miyako City, Yamada Town, Okaji town and Tanohata village, Iwate prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Victims for those who are affected by 3.11 earthquake.
[Summary of our projects]
 FIDR continuously sending goods and conducting investigations while supporting in the devastated areas. On Thursday 14th April, we headed to Yamada Town (Iwate Pref) to distribute seasonings and kitchen utensils for soup-run and provided basic commodities such as shampoo. Due to stabilize distribution of food to shelters, we delivered 10 refrigerators for shelters in Yamada Town, 6 for Tanohata Village on 19th April.
 The needs of requested commodities, its quantity and its type from shelters vary depending on number of evacuees and damaged scale. FIDR is willing to accommodate those needs as much as possible with sensible support while carefully detecting what is most essential.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL : http://www.fidr.or.jp/activity/tohoku.html

13. International Volunteer Center of Yamagata (IVY)

[Project areas] Minamisanriku Town, Ishinomaki City, Onagawa Town, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture for commodity support. Ishinomaki City and Kisennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture for cash for work.
[Beneficiaries] We are determined to provide commodity support for those who are in the shelters in remote locations and small scale shelters. With 'Cash for work', our objective is to reach those who lost job in Ishinomaki City and Kesennuma City.
[Summary of our projects]
 We established "Tohoku Wide-Area Disaster NGO Center" in our office, and many enterprises and organizations are working together through the NGO. In order to meet constantly changing needs in the devastated areas, covering small scale and remote shelters, we have been supporting soup-run and commodity supply according to survey conducted in these areas.
 From April on, we started to employ those who are in shelters as temporary volunteers for cleaning houses damaged by Tsunami. This project, known as "Cash for work" aims to create employment opportunities as a part of reconstructing these areas.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL : http://ameblo.jp/ivyjimukyokublog/entry-10849866028.html

14. Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi, Children without Borders (KnK)
[Project areas] 5 municipalities in coastal part of Iwate Prefecture (Yamada Town, Otsuji Town, Kamaishi City, Ofunato City and Rikuzentakada City)
[Beneficiaries] Juveniles in devastated areas
[Summary of our projects]
 KnK is coordinating with boards of education in 5 municipalities in coastal part of Iwate Prefecture (Yamada Town, Otsuji Town, Kamaishi City, Ofunato City and Rikuzentakada City) regarding educational materials, school bus, school uniform and equipments for staff room in order to re-open and to proceed education at elementary and junior high schools. From 18th to 23rd April, we will again visit the same areas to conduct the third survey in Iwate Prefecture.
We will continuously conduct needs investigation with cooperation of local communities in order to support mental care for juveniles through doing sports and cultural activities for mid-long term durtation.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL : http://www.knk.or.jp/act/JPN/news.html

15. Service for the Health in Asian and African regions (Share)
[Project areas] Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture.
[Beneficiaries] elderly people, the physically-challenged and mothers and children, whoever needs medical support
[Summary of our projects]
SHARE provided emergency medical assistance in Natori City right after the massive earthquake. Since then, we have been participating in health consultation section of a visiting medical support team in Kessennuma City which was formed under the cooperation of medical support team comprised of members from outside the prefecture. Our team had visited elderly people, mothers and children in order to have health consultation, survey medical needs and provide indirect support for home based care.
We supported medical health closely working with local partners. We worked as a bridge between local government or local medical agencies and victim according to the needs.
     In July, we constructed trailer house as a base of our activities, and decided to start long-term support to the newly established NPO names "Life support project K (project K)" by local people involved in health and welfare. Project K was established aiming for promoting communication among people and reformation of community groups through health and daily life consultation services to victims who are living in homes or temporary houses in Kaijyo District, Kessenuma City. In August, we opened the trailer house as "Hashikami exchange space". As an opening event, we invited mobile zoo and hold health consultations with many participants. It is planned to have several activities such as health and daily life consultation and interactive events based in the "Hashikami exchange space".
     We continue our activities to support health and bond of local people through visiting health consultation in evacuation centers and temporary houses and supporting project K.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL : http://share.or.jp/share/

[Project area] Minami sanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] general habitants
[Summary of our project]
 We established disaster volunteer center in collaboration with local social welfare associations in Minami Sanriku town, Miyagi Prefecture. We are continuously helping registration and assigning volunteers as well as needs assessment of evacuation centers and regions.
 Beginning of our activity was provision of relief supplies, but we found that needs of Minami sanriku town is not only the relief supplies but also human resource that can engage for long term. Since then we dispatch officers and volunteer periodically. From March 19th to until now, we dispatched 12 groups of people who worked on one week shift. It counted about 100 people in total so far. We provided necessary equipments for running the volunteer center and volunteer activities such as10 white boards (include pens, erasers and magnets), equipments for removing debris(include shovels, rakes, buckets, rain coats and wheel barrows), equipments to restore memorabilia (pictures, albums and etc) and equipments for exhibitions.
 We will continue to support running the disaster volunteer center, dispatching volunteers, soup runs and so on to respond various local needs.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL : http://www.jhp.or.jp/sanka/yomu/shinsai.html
17. JEN
[Project area]
Ishinomaki City, Iwate Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Evacuees in evacuation centers and houses in Ishinomaki City
[Summary of our projects]
JEN has started its activity in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture since 13th March, right after the earthquake hit the region. We distributed relief supplies and run soup kitchens as emergency relief. On March 20th we move our base area to Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture where the damage is more severe. Currently, we have been conducting the following activities according to the changing situation from emergency period to recovery period.

1- Support for rubble removal
We lease machineries for rubble removal operators who lost machineries and capitals by disasters. We respond to urgent needs of rubble removal through supporting business recovery of affected people.
2- Support for temporary housing
We have been procuring and providing daily commodities for those who moved in temporary housing which have been constructed one after another. The support enables people to start comfortable life from the day they moved in. By the end of June, we have provided daily commodities to total 3,024 temporary housing.
3- Community space
In order to reconstruct a sustainable environment where victims can support each other, we support reconstruction and management of community spaces where used to be centers of activities such as meeting places, halls, community centers. By the end of June, the project extended to three places in the City.
4- Recovery assistance for Small and Medium sized Enterprises/individual business owners
We provide the reconstruction support as well as start-up business support for individual business owners who were affected by disasters.
5- Volunteer projects
In collaboration with Volunteer Center, we conduct following volunteer recruitment and management
• Soup kitchen volunteer
Volunteers run soup kitchen for evacuees at home at the community space in Nakayashiki district. By the end of June, they have provided 21,012 meals.
• Sludge removal volunteer
In Tonami district, volunteers are working for removing sludge in sewage water channels. They started removing rubble and supporting oyster farming in fisherman's villages in Jusanhama district and Ojika peninsula. By the end of June, number of volunteers which JEN organized totaled 1,663.
6- Other short-term projects
We conduct psychological care workshop (doll making, succor school etc) and provide the make-up service and the hair cut service in evacuation centers in collaboration with fashion magazines.

We will develop above projects in order to support self reliance of victims in middle and long-term including business recovery support and community reconstruction.
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://jenhp.cocolog-nifty.com/emergency/

18. ShaplaNeer=Citizens' Committee in Japan for Overseas Support
[Project area] Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Residents who were affected by the disaster in Iwaki City
[Summary of our project]
・Cooperation for running disaster volunteer center in Nakoso District IwakiCity, Fukushima -Prefecture. Needs research for affected residents. Delivery and distribution of emergency relief supplies. Clearing collapsed houses. Accepting volunteers to activities. Coordination between NPOs and the Social Welfare Council.
・Coordination with Fukushima Prefecture and Social Welfare Council in Iwaki City as well as -coordination among NPOs. When needed, we support establishing volunteer centers.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.shaplaneer.org/support/jishin_japan.html

19. Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA)
[Project area] Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, Rikuzen Takata City, Ofunato City, Otsuji Town and Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture.
[Beneficiaries] victims of disaster in Motoyoshi District, Karakuwa District and coastal area of Iwate Prefecture.
[Summary of our project]
SVA Kesennuma office
• Support for local community ("town development" support activity)
-to promote for meeting between residents, to assist office work, to survey and report related act and assistance measure and to plan festivals/events which promote town development and reconstruction
• Support for children
-to implement a play field for children with cooperation of the International Play Association Japan. 
• Support for victims in temporary houses
-to plan tea parties and events to support community reformation. We also encourage communication between those who evacuate to temporary houses and those who are in their own house.
• Support for job hunting
SVA Iwate office
• Mobile library
-to bring mobile library to temporary houses and community centers in Rikuzen Takada City, Ofunato City, Otsuchi Town and Yamada Town to make a platform where victims can gather and talk.
• Implementing library in local community centers
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://sva.or.jp/eru/tohoku/


20. Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP)
[Project area]
Mainly Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Focus on women, pregnant women, new born children
[Summary of our project]
 With our wish to be a help for women, pregnant women and new born children who were affected by this devastating disaster, JOICFP, International NGO, has started our humanitarian assistance in Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture and Ibaraki Prefecture  
 We have witnessed pregnant women who had a hard time to give birth. Mothers have no choice but stay in evacuation centers feeling uncomfortable with breast feeding and clothes changing and spending hard time to find diapers. We have also witnessed women who are under stress and not able to express their needs for sanitary fittings and underwear.
 JOICFP is working mainly with midwives who can listen to women's needs under this situation.   In addition, we are also working closely with other organizations such as Japanese Midwives' Associations, Japan Family Planning Association and OXFAM Japan to deliver necessary relief supplies for women's needs.
 JOICFP is planning to continue our assistance for women, pregnant women, new born children focusing on the following seven activities until end of March, 2012.
・Provision of emergency relief supplies for women, pregnant women and new born children.
・Assistance for local midwives' activities (treatment for women and pregnant women, health check, counseling )
・Assistance for  acceptance to maternity hospitals inside or outside of Prefecture
・Family planning services
・Financial assistance for pregnant women (provision of fifty-thousand yens)
・Support machineries and equipment necessary for conducting health check-up (especially for infant) by municipality.
・Conducting several programs which create smile on women and pregnant women.
We kindly ask your assistance for women and pregnant women.
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.joicfp.or.jp/jp/donation/tohoku_earth_quake/

21.Terra People Act Kanagawa (TPAK)
[Project areas] Kamaishi city in Iwate prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Victims and 140`s children, their family and their teachers in two nursery schools
[Summary of our projects]
 We started to do the sustainable activity for the people affected by the earthquake with the slogan "reconstruction with brilliant smiles of the children".
・The activity for the affected area(every month)
-Staffs of our NGO visit the affected area every month and support the reconstruction, providing the goods and the education of the two collapsed nursery schools in Kamaishi city.
And also they held the class about the mental care and the event to connect the affected people with each other.
・Taking the class to educate the volunteers for the earthquake(every month)
-We hold the class for educating the volunteers about how to care affected people mentally.
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.tpak.org/

22.Terra People Association
[Project areas] Ishinomaki city and Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Affected people, youth and women
[Summary of our projects]
・The project named "the festival for the life" to connect the affected children with the children around the world to have the DREAM and HOPE.
-We try to have the children affected by the earthquake remake their dream and hope for the future with the children all over the world. Through this festival, they created the rainbow ring made of the 800,000`s handkerchief and surrounded the mountain Fuji with it.
・The project named "happy stock ~Women To Women~"
-In this project women mainly do the activity for women affected by the earthquake. They provide the goods for women who are suffering from the life and take the action of mental care.
・the project named "now or never!!"
-Through this project, we dispatch the volunteers from Saga prefecture to finish removing the amount of debris left by the earthquake. In addition we support the NGO in the affected area to do the reconstructive activity.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.genkiokurou.jp/

23. Child Fund Japan
[Project area] Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Children and adults who engage with children (teachers and etc), other
[Summary of our project]
 As an emergency assistance, we have so far delivered relief supplies to Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, Natori City, Sendai City, Ishimaki City, Miyagi Prefecture and Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture. 
 We will conduct the same kind of assistance based on the local needs. However, we have no plan to provide emergency relief supplies outside of our project areas.
 As recovery assistance, the following projects are going on.
・Making "Guidance of mental health care for children". It will be from May.
-You can download PDF file from http://www.childfund.or.jp/?p=2126.
・Starting "We are with you!" project from May.
-Providing stationery sets to elementary students with messages from the Philippines and Nepal. We are currently looking for target schools for provision.
・Conducting workshop for elementary school teachers about "Children mental health" (workshop -schedule to be decided)
・Conducting "Grief work" for those who lost family and important persons.
-It will be held about six times from June in Tokyo, Fukushima Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.childfund.or.jp/?p=1992

24. Japan Association for Refugees (JAR)
[Project areas]
Both Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture
Survivors of earthquake who are left behind in existing assistance system such as women, foreigners etc. and people who have hardship in accessing legal assistance
[Summary of our projects]
We have been providing support to those who tend to be left behind in existing assistance system such as women, foreigners continuing to live in Japan, as well as individuals who have difficulties in living at evacuation centers whatever reason is. Our relief activities are as follows:
1. Dispatching volunteers in collaboration with refugees
2. Supporting women, for instance distributing "women's kit" considered as beneficial for women or preparing guidance with midwives
3. Collective guidance with lawyers and individual consultation
4. Providing working support and relief supplies to foreign victims
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL:


25. Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR )
[Project area] Miyagi Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Elders, Person with disabilities and Evacuees at home who are tend to be left behind in existing support
[Summary of our project]
 We established our field offices in Sendai City and Morioka City. We have been working together with government and related organizations and providing emergent and recovery supports.
 As for provision of supplies, we have quickly provided necessities responding to changing needs such as food, fuels, daily commodities, care beds, wheel chairs and office equipments for re-starting service at social welfare institutions. Also, we repaired building of social welfare institutions, provided container houses which are to be used for medical tour or as homes and provided soup run.
 In Fukushima Prefecture with other organizations, we have provided necessary daily commodities for all who live in temporary shelters or allocated house. In Souma City, we support NPO which provide psychological care for elementary and junior high school students who are affected by disasters.
 We will work for long-term support in order for elders and person with disability to be able to live comfortably and healthy.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.aarjapan.gr.jp/activity/report/japan/

26. Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service (JOCS)
[Project areas]
1. Arahama District in Sendai City and Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
2. Kamaishi District, Iwate Prefecture
People staying at temporary housing and those living at home in isolated villages
[Summary of our projects]
In Kamaishi District, we have provided mental care assistance by dispatching counselors and nurses to support people who settled at shelters temporarily and those who live in isolated villages in cooperation with Charitas Kamaishi. In Sendai District, we will keep on supporting activities conducted by Tohoku District Center for victims in our Sendai branch at Arahama and Ishinomaki District.
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.jocs.or.jp

27. Japan Volunteer Center (JVC)
[Project areas]Miyagi and Fukushima Prefecture
・Victims in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture
・People living in Miharu Town in Tamura County, Fukushima Prefecture, especially
・People in Minami Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture
[Summary of our projects]
・Management support for the Kesensuma City Volunteer Center
-We have been supporting Kessensuma City Volunteer Center set up under the Council of Social Welfare of Kesennuma City. We adjust needs of victims and volunteer activities in order for local people to play a leading role in reconstruction.
・Support for holding Taki-zakura hanami matsuri, or cherry blossom flower viewing festival
-This is considered as an opportunity to share ideas of farmers and citizens affected by the effects of nuclear plants.
・Distribution of radios for the people in Minami Soma City
-We distribute radios for those who live in that city who have been seriously affected by the effects of nuclear plants. It enables them to receive necessary information via a newly set-up special disaster broadcasting station.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.ngo-jvc.net/index.html

28.Results Japan

 [Project areas]
Based in Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, our activity cites range from 5 municipalities such as Kamaishi City, Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town, Ofunato City and Rikuzentakada City, Iwate Prefecture
Approximate 17,561 evacuees in above mentioned areas who live at evacuation centers or temporary housing and those living with friends' or relatives' house as well as those staying at an inn or a hotel
[Summary of our projects]
Immediately after the earthquake on March 11, we have been providing assistance through soup kitchen and conducting hearing to catch the needs for life and employment at evacuation centers in cooperation with other organizations in the coast of Iwate Prefecture. Our staff is busy responding to many questions from local people who claims that handbooks distributed by the Cabinet Office with the title "Life Rebuilding Handbook" and "Business Restructuring Handbook" are so complicated that it is difficult to understand. Working together with other organizations and under the motto of making difficult things easy, having easy things deep and enabling deep things with fun, Result Japan intends to implement activities as listed below:
1. Creating a simple guide in accordance with 4 occupations; 5,000 guides in total are distributed by 5 to 6 our local staff and 8 to 10 volunteers toward evacuees one by one who support understanding in great detail;
2. Aiming to rebuild lives and business of victims by holding a small-scale meeting, sitting in a circle in presence of experts as well as those who have already regained so far;
3. Creating a list of victims and providing information to public sectors as well as recommending more effective supporting measures in the framework of the second and third supplementary budget of the Government for the benefit of the improvement in supporting schemes.

For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.resultsjp.org/

29. Habitat for Humanity Japan
[Project areas] Ofunato and Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture
Ishinomaki City and Onagawa Town, Miyagi Prefecture
Evacuees mainly whose houses were totally or partially destroyed and needed to remove rubble and clean around houses due to the disaster)
[Summary of our projects]
Habitat for Humanity Japan has accepted donations for people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are providing relief supplies and conducting volunteer activities by applying lessons learned from various experiences ranging from international and national disasters such as the 2004 Sumatra Indonesian earthquake and tsunami, the 2007 Noto Peninsula earthquake and most recently the 2010 Haiti earthquake.
After the earthquake, we conducted needs assessment with regard to devastated areas. Habitat for Humanity Japan has started providing assistance in Ofunato and Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture since April 2011 while we have regularly send volunteers every weekend. Since this September, we have begun volunteer dispatch comprising staff from private company. Our activities on the field range from removing rubble, flooded wall, flooring and sludge accumulated under the floor in the houses designated as totally or partially-destroyed due to earthquake or tsunami. Our activities do not limit within at home, but at regional public facilities as well. Aside from removal of rubble and cleaning at school or in the park, volunteer activities such as cleaning of watercourse or side ditches have been taken in active part to improve living conditions. We have also distributed futon to temporary housing in Onagawa Town, Miyagi Prefecure, together with distribution of goods, tool kits and commodities necessary for rebuilding of houses and reconstruction of communities.       
We will provide long-range support for reconstruction of the devastated areas while keeping on volunteer activities.
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.habitatjp.org/


30 . Campaign for the Children of Palestine
[Project area] Ootsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Children and their families of Ootsuchi Town
[Summary of our project]
・Support project for Children in Ootsuchi Town (supplement classes, provision of playing spaces, library corner, acceptance and provision of stationary, provision of picture books and school backpacks, activity for Children's Day)
・Life support through installing and delivering supplies and providing soup run
・Community empowerment (collecting pictures, cleaning and ordering albums, engaging victims for soup runs)
・Making and accepting furniture for temporary shelters (2100 household of Otsuchi Town)
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://ameblo.jp/ccp-tohoku/

31. Peace Winds Japan (PWJ)

[Project areas] Kesennuma City and Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture
Ofunato and Rikuzentakada City, Iwate prefecture
[Beneficiaries] Victims living in shelters and those who move into temporary housing and corporate managers affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
[Summary of our projects]
・Provision of daily commodities for those who move into temporary housing
-PWJ (Peace Winds Japan) provides bedclothes and kitchen tools for 1,000 households who are going to move into temporary housing, which is currently planned by Iwate Prefecture.
・Psycho-social care
-We procure and provide toys for kids as well as set space (play room) where children can play with our staff. Furthermore, various programmes are currently under consideration such as lectures on how to deal with the mental trauma of children in the framework of psycho-care and support.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.peace-winds.org/jp/news/index.html

32. Bridge Asia Japan (BAJ)
[Project areas]
Rikuzentakada City, Iwate Prefecture
People living in Rikuzentakada City, Iwate Prefecture
[Summary of our projects]
We have been providing a wide variety of nutritious side dishes cooked in the kitchen of a driving school in Rikuzentakada City and delivering them to temporary housing in cooperation with assistance team "Save Iwate" based in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture.
For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.baj-npo.org/2011/04/post-35.html

33. Médecins du Monde Japon
[Project areas] Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture
[Beneficiaries] People who need "medical care" in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture
[Summary of our projects]
 Psychiatrists, nurses, specialists in exercise therapy, clinical psychotherapists, psychiatric social workers, acupunctures, medical coordinators, general coordinators and managers have been dispatched to the devastated areas. We will consider sending clinical psychotherapists and administrative scriveners in the future.
 Our activities range from visiting shelters and individual homes based on requests by our health nurses' team; assisting those who engage in support activities; coordinating meetings with other teams composed of health nurses etc.; and observing surrounding areas.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.mdm.or.jp/nicocoro/

34. World Vision Japan
 [Project areas] Minami Sanriku Town, Tome City and Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture
Yamada Town, Tono City, Otsuchi Town, Miyako City, Tanohata Village, Noda Village, Kuji City and Ichinoseki City, Iwate prefecture. Our regional office is located in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture.
[Beneficiaries] People living in above-mentioned areas, approximate total number: 80,000
[Summary of our projects]
 Immediately after disasters, World Vision Japan distributed emergency relief supplies such as blankets, sanitary kits, water, diapers, sanitary items and home electric appliances and so on for over 70,000 people based on needs assessment of victims including children's.
 Then we began managing Child Friendly Space (CFS) for the purpose of mental care for children, and providing school supplies, buses and lunch to support school life for children.   
 Furthermore we donated commodities for living for residents staying in temporally housings towards over 15,000 households and opened community kitchen in order to provide nutritionally balanced meals.
 For more details of our activities, please visit our URL: http://www.worldvision.jp/