Publications, Reports

Publications, Reports

The Great East Japan Earthquake
Joint Review Report on Relief Activities by the Civil Society
- from the Perspective of NGOs for International Cooperation -

(October 27, 2014 PDF: 4.76 MB)

Stories & Facts from Fukushima

Stories & Facts from Fukushima Vol.1
(March 25, 2013
Stories & Facts from Fukushima Vol.1
(June 5, 2013
Stories & Facts from Fukushima Vol.1
(August 20, 2013

Fukushima Now: in the Aftermath of Nuclear Disaster
(December 1, 2012 YouTube 29:01)

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Japanese NGOs
From emergency relief to reconstruction - A turning point for the future

(March 24, 2012 YouTube 21:07)


Lessons and Recommendations from Japanese Civil Society for the Post 2015 DRR Framework
May 2013, PDF:2.42MB

Calls for Recognition of Nuclear Power Accident as Critical Man-made Disaster
May 1, 2013 PDF:240KB

JANIC’s Position Statement
Regarding Nuclear Power Plants and Sustainable Societies

August 4, 2011 PDF:20KB

JANIC urges Japan’s government to maintain ODA budget.
April 7, 2011 PDF:69,7KB

Recommendations to the International NGOs for Disaster-related Activities in East Japan"
JANIC and Japan Platform, April 1, 2011 PDF: 36KB

Fukushima on the Globe